Players willing to join mid table premier league clubs


Nov 27, 2010
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This thread is just for people managing teams like blackburn, fulhan, bolton to see which top players are interested in these types of club.

I find it can be hard to find players for these types of club on this forum because even if we are able to afford them, they simply don't want to come.

Obviously players valued under 10 million would be ideal, but more expensive players who are willing to join these types of clubs would also be good.
i usually get players on loan from bigger premiership teams like park ji sung and jo from man city
I find them quite hard to get though, especially with a limit of 2 loan signings
Go get the best players from the smaller leagues ie Belgium, Holland, Scotland. There's plenty of decent talent around. Become a vulture and feed of scraps of relegated teams, even the worst team has at least one quality player. Pickup guys who are rotting on reserves *ahem* Man City.