Aug 24, 2010
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Hey there, I'm looking for some players who have great mental stats to use as tutors (and perhaps play a small role in my team).

I'm in my second season with Arsenal (using the Mantralux update) and have 125m to spend. I don't mind it if they are about 33 or something, but some of my regen youth players just have incredibly bad mental stats.

Wasn't completely sure where to post this as I'm not specifically looking for a certain position or something, and I guess other people could use this thread too to find players with good mental stats.

I've bought Defour and Moutinho so far.
Defour from standard

**** how did i miss that in the op my bad
I would guess Riquelme would be good in many mental aspects, have a look at Juan Urango too. And Juninho Pernambucano if you can find him
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What about Mirel Radoi for a more defence minded tutor? Lacks intelligense but he's a strong leader and could also perform on the pitch.
patrick vieira and sol campbell back to arsenal for a short time?
Thanks guys |) So far I have coming in:

- Defour
- Vieria
- Cambiasso
- Lucio
- Forlan
- Moutinho
- Radoi

I think that should be enough for now, don't want to spend too much of my transfer budget :)
There are a few faded stars in Brazil and Argentina that you could get on the cheap, but you'd probably have to use them for tutoring only:

Ariel Ortega
Esteban Fuertes
Martín Palermo
Matías Almeyda
Roberto Ayala
Roberto Carlos
Rolando Schiavi

I haven't actually bought them ever, so I don't know if they'd be willing to join, but their price is below 500k euros so it's well worth a shot.