Jan 17, 2013
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Currently in my 4th season at Liverpool, and I was just thinking about the ones that got away...

1st season I signed Lewandowski and played Suarez on the wing, therefore couldn't afford Ben Arfa who almost won the league for Arsenal, in hindsight should have played Suarez up front and bought Ben Arfa for 1/3 of Lewandowski...and maybe bought Fellaini who went to Man City...

2nd season I signed Muniain who never really settled, then Neymar was transfer listed and went to Real...also should have signed Gotze, who went to chelsea and has been carrying them ever since!

And I didn't buy Ademilson, who is now worth a fortune...

Anyone else got anymore? :)
David Alaba. Besides that,always get that feeling for some regens.
Everybody raves about ademilson,ive had him a year and a half and he been dreadful 3 goals in 20 odd appearances as poacher
Everybody raves about ademilson,ive had him a year and a half and he been dreadful 3 goals in 20 odd appearances as poacher

I have had the same experience with him, now in season 3 and finally he is starting to show his worth as an advanced forward upfront alone for me.

With regards to ones that got away for me it has to be Will Hughes, could of got him for around £5M back end of season 1 but in season 2 he went to Stoke for that sorta fee. Now he's a beast and Stoke want in excess of £25M for him!
Hes contract is up 2nd season i been building him up to media so i got chance getting him for free
I'm in 4th season with Newcastle and have had Ademilson the whole way, he's great, but also retrained him to play AMC and he's a great goal scoring AMC

As for te ones that got away, will Hughes and mason Bennett are both still at derby in the PL, and both murdering it! I've tried to sign both for the last 2 years but now they want approx 25-30 mill each!!!
Derby have never made it to the premiership on my save so will Hughes has never really developed, and I find there are so many good young players its difficult to choose...
I signed Bennett 3.2 mill now in 2nd season for my sunderland team 7 goals in 13 apps not bad for a 17 year old he going to be a beast
My biggest regret is actually a quality regen which I signed! I signed him when I was at Arsenal for £1/£2m, sent him out on loan for 3 consecutive seasons (For some reason, even though they said he would be a first teamer/key player he didn't make a single appearance for any of the 3 clubs!! :/)

Anyway, I then got an offer from Bayern Munich after Wenger retired, and Arsenal now want £27m for him! If I had left him at Schalke, there was a chance nobody would of signed him and I could of got him alot cheaper :(