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Playing in the MLS - Superdraft?


Mar 4, 2013
Just started a new save with the latest LFCMarshall's update, managing Seattle Sounderers.
A few weeks into the regular season, the Red Bulls apporach me with an trade offer for my american rightback Brad Evans, offering Orlando City's 1st round pick in the 2015 Superdraft and addition-draft.
Don't get me wrong, this is not a "Should I take it or leave it"-question, but since it's my first time managing an MLS-team, I'm not very keen with how the drafts works. From what I've heard, in real life when a new franchise enters the league, they always gets to choose first in the drafts, and I was wondering if that's the deal on FM as well. Considering that I'm aiming for at least a final, my original picks are most likely to be among the last rounds, which is why I it would be gold for me to recieve a first round pick as well. But since FM doesn't always work exactly as the real life does, it's a little risky not knowing what I'll get.

I am truly sorry if you found the description messy, english isn't my main language since I'm from Sweden, but I would really appriciate the help. Thank you!