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Jul 12, 2010
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Hi guys. I'm in need of a central midfielder for my Chelsea team and I thought that Isco could replace Lampard as a advanced playmaker? Any one has experience with playing on that position? :)
I got him for my arsenal team, he is fantastic as an AM (I played him as a Trequarista, but he should be similar as an AP), however on the rare occasions I had to play him as a CM, he was poor. He would be wasted as a CM, so unless you can play is in the AM position, I'd give it a miss :)
+1 with Scotty's reply. I have also had Isco and tried playing him a few times as a cm and although he performed ok, he performs much better as an amc. I also tried him on the wings and found the same level of performance as a cm. I would say if you do not intend on playing him as an amc then look elsewhere for a replacement.
Signed him for Chelsea and already had Thiago and Oscar and Isco was very inaffective in CM. I used him as back-up and played him on the wings and he got the odd goal but then sold him the next season for £20m as he was not good enough compared to my other players.
Thank you for the replys. Seems like I am going to get Josh Mceachran home after the season.
Ive used Isco as cm, it takes a season or two to get the best out of him there but he did become the best player in my team winning player of the year 3 years in a row