Apr 2, 2012
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hi guys,
few questions:
1. I'm managing Chelsea in 2019 and have Ademilson and Luc Castaignos (+ Falcao/Damiao who are old and backup) who are beasts but are both poachers. I play a 4-4-2 with 2AMs(IFs). Should I play both strikers as poachers?
2. Has anyone ever played with 2 poachers, how did they get on?
3. How will this effect the game?
Cheers :)
I've played with two poachers before and it worked quite well. I had one inside forward on the left wing on attack, and on the right was a winger on support.

1. Give it a try, that's the only way you can find out.
2. For two seasons, and my strikers were quite prolific when they got the ball, however they were often offside which was a drawback (might not happen for you though.)
3. Well for me it increased the number of times they were offside, and it meant that the midfielders had to work twice as hard. Without a deeper striker coming to link the play together it was up to the midfield to do most of the build up. However it is not a drastic change really...
I personally don't see the point in playing two poachers. It's counter productive to strech your midfield and make them work harder than they should to provide for two players when in reality, only one can score from each created chance.

Look for the player with better workrate, passing, off the ball and decisions and play him as a DLF(attack). He'll still bag a fair few goals but he'll lessen the workload of your midfield making them less likely to be too tired to defend propperly. Stamina make a huge diference defensivly in the last 10 mins, no point wasting it trying ot provide for 2 poachers.