Dec 25, 2010
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**** ****** board, should I sell some players and raise the funds.
I sold Mark holden 3.2 million, matty taylor 3.7 million and mark davies 4 million
Sell some players and buy players on 48 month payment option. Then hope to do well and fill stadium every match to keep finances on green.

Currently started game with Wolves and starting budget was 170k. Managed to get.
Alan Patrick AMC 6m
Lucas AMC/L 3.6m
Casemiro DC/DM/MC 3.6m
Alex Sandro D/WBL 5.5m
Denis Appiah DR 2.5m
Jordan Spence DC 2.5m
Terence Makengo ST 2.5m
Tomas Horava MC 300k
Total: 26.5m

Tried to get Kvekveskiri 250k and Castaignos 5m, but Nika wouldnt get wp and Castaignos wont join.

AND every month I make profit about 1m. ( Not playing reserves against Asian teams btw )

Sell couple players that you get cash straight away. Then 1-2 with monthly option so that it compensates on the players you buy. Also if there's some deadweight on your reserves rotting on high salaries and no one wont buy them try to loan them out with wages atleast 50% paid by loaning team.