Yeah, if you have facepacks you can identify them with their foto...
lmao when you play without real players does it just keep them as the same id ? so all the players will still have the same facepack pic, like ivan pernis ^^ lol ?
its a load of pish all the players are still the same players they just change the name and sometimes nationality but messi is still as good as messi etc it just changes his name
ive started a game with norwich and none of the players seem to have any resemblance to real players and they all have extremely random attributes. I have a winger who is 5'6" with jumping 20!!!!!!
In my experience of it , the players have never been Carbon Copies of the real ones. I have always found it random with the best players etc.
Loading up the Belgian leagues seems to give each team in the league superpowers- lots of world class talent in your reserves and under-19s- especially if you're Anderlecht or Standard.