Dec 9, 2010
Reaction score
Hi guys, I am in my 2nd season with Everton, i'm doing pretty well, currently 3rd in the PL. However, my performances are so inconsistent. for example I beat Man U 2-1, dominating possession and getting good player ratings. Then i played Liverpool, couldn't get the ball the entire game and managed to scrape a 0-0. Same thing happens with worse teams, dominated Birmingham City winning 2-0, then played blackburn and got dominated losing 1-0.

I try to tweak my tactic each game depending on what my scout says about the other team, although i swear every team plays defensive???? Usually i play control against these teams, then attacking against teams that are much worse, rarely counter or defensive.

Here is my formation:

T.Howard GK
P.Neville FB (automatic)
L.Baines FB (automatic)
P.Jagielka CB (defend)
J.Heitinga CB (stopper, defend)
M.Fellaini DM (defend)
M.Arteta CM- Deep lying pm (support)
T.Cahill CM - Advanced pm (attack)
D.Bilyaletdinov - Att Mid L (attack)
S.Pienaar - Att Mid R (attack)
H.Suazo - ST - Advanced fwd (attack)

team inst:

Expression: Default
Marking: Man
Closing Down: Press More
Passing: Direct
all the rest default i think.

Can anyone suggest something to try, or anything i'm doing wrong?