Please help! MAC FM11.1 'Football Manager quit unexpectedly'


May 7, 2015
Hi folks, I'm trying this as my third avenue since SI Games and Reddit have thus far proved unsuccessful.

I'm playing Football Manager 2011 via the disc NOT ON STEAM (I don't have the box anymore therefore I don't have the Steam code) and it's started quitting unexpectedly on one of my saves and I can't get past a certain date. Now; I've followed all advice I've looked for to clear caches, but I can't find any cache whatsoever in the install directory, in my library, anywhere. Does anyone know where they might be? OR I've been advised to update my game to the latest version (11.3) BUT I can't find a reliable download source for the ****** file (As they've removed them all from SI website, lord knows why). I'm tearing my hair out here, I've invested a lot of time into this particular save and really don't want to lose it.

Here is a link to my exchanges with SI; Sports Interactive Community

Thanks in advance guys, I'm not expecting much but you could make my month.