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please help, many question's about FM2011


May 24, 2011
hallo everyone,
i'm new at FM2011 and i have many question about the game..
i didn't knew where to put it so i put the thread here (sorry if i over the rules).

i take blackpool at my first season i ended at the 11th
and i stayed at the league..
i bought many players..
now i want to sell player because i want to buy someone
the player i want to sell is DJ camble who have a lot of interests by other clubs ..
i offer to club
2 club recieve me an when i move many days.. but i see the down at the offer:
"Blackpool have rejected the offer"
but i didn't rejected or even accepted so what is wrong?

another question
i love to play the argentinian diamond style
my ball possesion is very low in every match..
if there is a need for more explanation about my tactic to find out what is wrong just tell me please..
sorry about my English.. that was my Weakness at school :p
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May 29, 2011
In my experience selling players is actually fairly difficult in this game. My best sales seem to come in the January window when interest in my players gets drummed up and teams start making offers.

Also be aware that you need more then one tactic. Even a really successful tactic will eventually be learned by other teams and countered (second season syndrome). I suggest starting out with an attacking tactic and a defensive tactic. Make sure they are both in your match preparation training.

Which brings me to my next point. Use the match preparation tool! Games you expect to win train attacking movement. Tough games defensive positioning. When you expect to get beaten to a pulp, or you expect to beat the other team to a pulp use team blend.

Pay attention to the condition of your players. Make sure you rotate players. Good players don't play well when exhausted and are more likely to pick up injuries.

Play friendlies in long breaks against teams your are really likely to beat to build up confidence. When players are low in confidence they don't perform as well.

Use your assistant manager's pep talk feedback. Some players respond well to having expectation placed on them, others shut down. Know how your players respond to your talks!

Keep things simple. If you use tactics like direct passing and many players in your team have a low passing rating your team will struggle. Use this concept and apply it to all tactics!

Hope that gives you a good place to start! Remember it takes 6-10 games before a tactic really starts to click in your team and even longer before it is fluid. Patience is essential for this game!

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Jun 4, 2011
i think on the dj campbell thing check his transfer settings and make sure it isn't on something like 'reject all offers'


Oct 31, 2010
Maybe on DJ Campbell, there may have been have a deadline placed on the transfer and when you continued you passed the deadline so the offer was automatically rejected ?