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Oct 30, 2006
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I have been playing Football Manager for 2 years now and I never seem to achieve anything with lower teams. Would anyone like to start a net game with me so that I can learn off the masters? If so Please Reply on here! Sorry about making my own Thread!
Give people an idea of where you want to start ie: what country and what division etc
England and Struggling Prem teams or Good Championship teams!? I cannot host by the way! :(
erm......... i would play, my internet can be a bit tempramental(spelling?) tho, thekillerdr wud be interested , im sure
Yeah, I would like to play with you...Can you host? Kilelrdctr is on holiday now?!
hosting doesnt seem to work can give it another go, but killadctr comes back tomorrow
I know...But he's not keen on starting a new game! :( So I need someone to play with and preferablly learn from...
i'm quite successful with championship teams bt i just dont hav the time atm 2 start a new net game. i could start one in a week or so though, if u want... and i can host, i think lol ;)
That would be good, but it would be hard to find a time that we can all play. Is there by any chance I can just play with you? Are you free now?!
Well, wouldn't we just be able to play after sckool on some weekdays and at the weekend. I'm preety sure jamgla will do it too, jamgla?
Well just got back and as a few ppl want to play it i will join :D I can host if no1 else can just tell me when we start ect.