Feb 24, 2009
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Hi, sorry if this is not the right place, and sorry for my english, its not so good..
anyway, this is my liverpool, and things arent going so well, even though its just the beginnig of the season.
ill be happy to hear your thoughts and tips for my tactic, roles, player and so.
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specially i would like to know hoe to get the best from suarez and sturridge, and some tips how make the defence stornger with just 4 players and DM.
Have you tweaked any of the player settings or are you using the ones that comes with the roles in the Tactic Creator?

( your English is just fine by the way)
Then I would say that your team is too stretched. You have too many players on attacking duties in advanced position and too few in defensive. When a counter attack is not on, you risk your front 4 getting isolatd from the rest of the team. If the ball does not get to them instantly, they will be standing still ( being marked) once your build up has reached the opposition half. You simply lack players moving between the lines.

Ny not use 2 of them on support ( or perhaps one FC as a Trequartista, dropping deep and loooking for the space between the Dcs and the MCs, and one winger on support). This way you will have more players linking up with play.
ty, ill try. anything else? about the defence maybe?
and what do you think about the team instructions?
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anyone? a lot of games ive been said that my midfield cant stand against the rivals midfield. what to do?