Poças wide diamond patch11.1


Sep 19, 2010
Good afternoon everyone.

First of all sorry for my bad english but i hope you can understand the post.

I´ve been developing a 41212 for new fm and it brought me great sucess so far. I have only tested it with Benfica but i think it will work even better with stronger teams. I´m not sure if it will work in weaker teams but i am working on a deep 4231 with a counter strategy.

With this tactic i dominate games and i score for fun against weaker teams but i have sucess with stronger teams also.

I ´m open to suggestions to improve the tactic.

I don´t know how to put images so if someone can help me with that i will be glad to show the formation and some matches.

As for the players u need:

Keeper- sweeper keeper

Fullbacks- good defensive fb. Crossing is a plus.

Center Defenders- the usual in here. The one with a better heading should be in the right positions (appearing at the 2nd post from corners)

Anchor man-- this is a key player. He must be strong in defence, good teamwork, tackling etc. Try to have one with good heading. That way he´ll cut a lot of through balls.

wingers- They will cross to your strikers and they will cut inside, giving your team a great attack force in the finishing zone with lot of options.

Attacking midfielder- great creativity, passing, decisions, pace. Finishing is a plus.

Strikers - Left striker- a good poacher is needed
Right striker- A quick forward with good technical abilities. He´s the one who is going to drop deeper to pick up the ball.

I leave my starting eleven so you can have a general idea. I use the origina patch database.

GK- Michael Rensig
DR- Maxi Pereira
DL- Fábio Coentrão
DCR - Sidnei
DCL- David Luis
DM- Javi Garcia
AMR- Karim Ait Fana
AML- Nico Gaitan
AMC- Diego Bounonotte
STright- Oscar Cardozo
STleft- Franco Jara

That´s it. I hope u try it and help me to improve the tactic.

Here´s the link to download

http://www.filefront.com/17499992/Poas412122011 (Benfica, Ago 2011).tac​