Poacher: Jovetic or Hernandez?? (first season)


Feb 23, 2013
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I've started a new save with Spurs ans wanted to know opinions as to who to buy?

Im experimenting with new formations (3-5-2)(5-3-2) and wanted a back up poacher role.

Hernandez is older but has higher finishing and speed attributes, and I can get him for 13M, 80k pm.

Jovetic has generally better stats and is younger, but I know from previous experience in other saves he is very injury prone. I csn get him for 17.5M, 100k pw.

Opinions please? Have got plenty of budget remaining to consider someone else (or both) but wanted opinions.

Well, Hernandez, since Jovetic isnt a poacher at all.
Can he not play as a poacher effectively? His stats don't seem too out of place?

Off the top of my head, his off the ball/anticipation is quite low for a top level poacher, and he isnt electric quick which makes off the ball and anticipation even more vital. So you would need to get those up to speed quite quickly. Also he would be wasted in that role in truth, he has a good all round game.

Personally? I'd buy both they would compliment each other perfectly.
If you've got the money I'd go for both with Jovetic as a DLF or trequartista (sp) and Hernandez as poacher
They are both really good i love hernandez so so much but his passing ix extremely poor.If i could have both it would be jovetic to play posession and chico as the goal scoring super sub.truth is whatever one you take just fit your team to play with poacher or trequartista and you will be fine.
Hernandez all the way, I used him at spurs myself.
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As you can see he had an extremely great first season, unfortunately he was injured for a long time during the second season so i moved him on.