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Fast half season simulation with Lens ! WOOOW


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v2 version is way better in defence but v1 is better in attack !


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Curious to try it; probably stoop the intensity and overlap right and left to give more balance
My account was banned on TFF's 75 Siblings (poor website that can't even explain how test are made and they ban peoples for own opinion, funny) so all my tactics will be posted here or on my discord ! Soon maybe i will start my own topic on SIgames forum.

Sooon more tactics from my side so be patient but when it will arive it will something that will change Meta for everybody ! Stay tuned

discord :

Not really, it didnt work for me like it used to a lot of goals scored/conceded had games ending 4-4 / 5-5
tested it 3 days ago. with good players this tactic is amazing.
If u are winning by 2/3 goals u need to change mentality to cautious
In that case I will give it a go once more, this was my favourite tactic in this FM bro, but with the new updates it fell for me !