Apr 21, 2010
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I am having a problem with my lone striker set up. I want my lone striker to hang on the defenders choulder to receive through balls from my AMC.
When the AMC is running towards the defense with the ball my Poacher seems to want to receive the ball at his feet, and therefore plays with his back to the goal. This is not how i want to play considering i have a fast striker with really good anticipation and of the ball, my AMC is also very creative and likes to play through balls.
You may think that the striker has the ppm "plays with back to goal", but he dosen't.

My question is: What can be wront in the setting that make the striker behave this way?
Have you changed your poachers basic settings. Try putting his mentality all the way up with no creative freedom. Try your Am with play through balls often. Use the shout play through defence.

Ppm, likes to beat offside trap for your poacher.

I find its a lot harder on 13 then 12 to do this. On 12 poachers just seemed to run through a defender. Not anymore.
i agree completely. He has the creative freedom sliter in the middle(10) His mentality 17. My amc has through balls on often, he also has the ppm. I am learning my striker to try to beat the offside trap
I must admit I'm finding this very hard myself now. Imo playing a lone striker as a poacher isn't enough any more. In 2 and a half seasons, being a top 4 club in Germany I've had no prolific goal scorer. Not that it bothers me.

I'm currently 2nd, chasing bayern, i line up 4_5_1 if I fail to score I switch to a narrow diamond and put on a dlf with my poacher. It works for me.

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I know it's crazy!
I would like to think that playing with a really creative AMC and a quick smart striker would result in many one on ones with the keeper... I honestly think that i havent scored a single goal that way