Poll of the Week #1: Where Did You Buy Football Manager 2011?

Where Did You Buy Football Manager 2011?

  • Retail Store (Game / Gamestation etc..)

    Votes: 361 42.7%
  • Online Store - DVD Version (Play / Amazon etc..)

    Votes: 216 25.5%
  • Online Store - Digital Distribution (Steam / Greenman Gaming etc..)

    Votes: 164 19.4%
  • Other (Please comment in the thread)

    Votes: 68 8.0%
  • Don't own it

    Votes: 37 4.4%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .


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Sep 15, 2005
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This is the first of many weekly polls. To start things off here is a nice simple one...

Where Did You Buy Football Manager 2011?
Wow, good idea. So far online store is leading. Don't trust internet, when it comes to money and buying (K)
Online via a retail store (GAME) ;). Nice idea Sean..
didn't have enough money so i traded my wee brothers Mario Cart and wheel, got bollocked for it as well!
steam. far and away the best/easiest/quickest way of game buying :) ive been playing css on it for years though so i loved it anyway :)
great idea mate, I bought it with Zavvi :)
i clicked retail score as bought it in Tesco
For anyone stupid enough to discuss piracy in this thread I just thought I'd mention it's a permanent ban. Thanks.
Shopto.net for me, got it two days early :wub:
Online via Game. Got it on day of release too |)
Shoptonet.com I got it 2 days early like Dunc.