Poll of the Week #4: Do You Attend Press Conferences?

Do You Attend Press Conferences?

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Sep 15, 2005
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Everyone has an opinion on press conferences in Football Manager.

What do you do?
Repetitive gimmick that i haven't used since the early days of FM10.
I attend all of them, for some odd reason.
yes the press conferences get boring after a while and i just do a mixture of 2nd and 3rd option.- important ones /when i can be bothered= very rarely.
poll is looking close though....
Me never. I'd only go for one question if i knew in what pre-match it would be asked, he never said my own club. No matter what team i are. His other talks are just fine. He's just bad at predicting and lowering morale i guess:

Who do you think that will win the premier league this year?
Manchester United/Chelsea/Manchester City/Arsenal....anything but the club I'm assistant managing at, the club Gillinham that are nr 1 favo with the bookies since 3 years. Oh, and ofcourse we won the premier league back to back, not to mention a back to back Championsleague final win, the several FA cups or league cups. Since you ask me the main contender for the title is Manchester United/Chelsea/Manchester City/Arsenal
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Repetitive gimmick that i haven't used since the early days of FM10.

Have to agree, I will do one at the start and any new club I might manage.
Repetitive gimmick that i haven't used since the early days of FM10.

Have to agree also, although it's a real shame because it could be a fantastic feature if the options weren't so limited. I'd love to try my hand at a few press conference mind games against Mourinho or SAF
Attend all of them although I just click the top response over and over again. Just to get my rating up.
They are a boring gimmick but it's an easy way to raise pre-match morale, that's the only reason why I do them.
I attend the first one then set the rest to *** man, boring and repititive, the new options introduced don't even make a scratch on what need's to be done to make these succesful.
Thw third option on the poll

When I can be bothered

is what i do :)
do them all. repetetive but i always get a good response from my players so i keep doing them