Jul 15, 2013
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Well i was asked to do a Pompey rise back to the top so here we go.i have taken over Portsmouth FC they are in a bad way at the present moment they are in administration which will make this a lot more interesting. i have currently been given 0k transfer budget and 120k wage budget so looks like ill have to survive league 2 with free agents use. I will first explain that the reason im in league 2 is that im using the LFCmarshall summer update so teams have been promoted and relegated etc.


I have decided to use the 4-2-4 formation to provide good width and attacking options to this side as i have some young quick lads on the wings. On the left wing i have Ashley Harris and the right wing i have Andy Barsham. Both have pace over 10 which is decent for league 2 and to cause a high paced threat on the counter. using the legend David Connelly up top as a complete forward and Patrick Abyumang as a target man.

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Transfer Policy:
As i said earlier i am in administration so i will be very strapped for cash this season unless we get bought out. So i have a very bare squad and will be using loan market and free agents to boost my squad, hopefully get some promising youngsters and the top of my list is a decent striker.

I will put the lads through their paces heard in pre season and get some good team cohesion going ahead of the new campaign. I have some friendlies lined up against Stoke, Aldershot, Havant and Weston Supermere. This is a decent variety of teams at different levels to test my side. so i will get back to you with the next update once pre season is over.

Hope you guys follow this story and enjoy it.
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sick cant wait but one thing try to get them names right Agyemang lol but keep it up looking forward to it
cheers mate. i will try to get the names right was writing them from memory haha enjoy the story
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Portsmouth 0
Stoke 5 - Nzonzi,K.Rossi,Crouch x2, Sanders
We never really looked like scoring and i knew we would win. well first game onwards and upwards.

Aldershot 1: Rocha. O.G
Portsmouth 3: Barcham, Connelly, Akinde
We went a goal down and i thought we were in for another defeat but once Barcham scored we were all guns blazing and never looked like losing. great comeback.

Havant 1:
Portsmouth 1: Connelly
Once again we went behind but a goal from Connelly saved us. decent result should have won though.

Weston W.S 0
Portsmouth 3: Connelly, Agyemang x2
Good game, really well deserved win even though we were expected to win we really over performed.

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Not a bad pre season should do rather well with this promotion push as long as we dont have many injuries.


Well this has to be the shortest part of my story yet. I am in administration and we dont have a buyer as yet, hope we do soon as i cant buy anyone as all players in free agents have to much wage demands. for the first week i went free agent hunting and then found out i had a transfer ban for my administration situation and now its lifted i have still no joy. i knew this would be a real challenge but i think i may have underestimated it a tad. If i dont aquire a new owner or any funds whilst in this transfer window it will be a very tough first half of the season and it will be a real struggle to keep this team up.

Star Of Pre Season:

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Despite him being 35 years old, Connelly has been great in pre season games and has banged in a few goals along the way. i think he can be a real goal threat this season. if i can keep him that is.

I hope your enjoying this story so far, keep following as i assure you it will be interesting haha next update will be after first month of fixtures.

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Capital One Cup

Portsmouth 0
Bristol City 2 – Baldock, Adomah
This didn’t go to well, on the plus side means we can concentrate more on the league which is my priority.

League 2 Match
Portsmouth 3- Agyemang x3
Bury 2- Batt, Lockwood
Great win from 2-1 down Agyemang was immense and lead the front line and ran them ragged. Great first game of the season keep this up and it would be a very successful campaign.

League 2 Match
Torquay 0
Portsmouth 2- Connelly, Harris
Played really well once again dominated the game and deserved the win, But Rocha got sent off, he has a **** disciplinary record already I may end up selling him. Oh also Robbie fowler missed a penalty i had to mention that.

League 2 Match
Portsmouth 1- Connelly
Wimbledon – Capaldi
Another good performance today, I thought we deserved the win but a draw I will take. Ill note that Connelly’s goal was a 30 yard free kick.

Player Of The Month

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This Man may be 35 years old but boy he knows where the net is. he has lead our front line this money no faults or anything just a pure predator. I think he may only have a season left after this one but i will be keeping a hold of him for sure.

League Table

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Well we are sitting on top of the league at the moment, not bad for not signing any players at all due to finance. Our push for promotion starts now and what a way to start. unbeaten in the league at present also lets see how long this run can last. Just think how well we could do if i actually sign players. hopefully i can with the window being open for one more week.

next chapter will be updated at end of September game time. will be still top of the league? will we still be unbeaten? will i sign players? you'll have to check out next chapter to find out as i dont even know either.

Keep following and keep commenting.

nice start maybe put the two team scores next to each other rather than above one another other then that nice start
Cheers, I was Really surprised how good we are doing haha considering not a huge squad and couldn't buy anyone
sorry about not posting as late, i have been house hunting but im back in business today so expect an update or two today.
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Transfer Deadline Day
We did sell Ricardo Rocha to Rio Ave for 100k which I thought would provide me with funds but it didn’t, so I raided the market for loan deals. We did negotiate deals for 4 players but neither went through within 9 hours? Really, so we are stuck with the usual Pompey squad until January. I did express my frustration to media sources but reassured fans not to worry.

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I won manager of the month award for August. Always good to win this especially with the squad i have.


League 2 Match
Cheltenham 3- McGlashan x2, Taylor
Portsmouth 0
The unbeaten streak lasted all of three games. We were dominated all over the pitch in every area and we went down to ten men. So not our best game by a long stretch.

Johnstone Paint Trophy
Portsmouth 0
Crawley 3- Derbyshire, Mcginty,Cooper
We crash out of another cup which doesn’t bother me as we get to concentrate on the league. Never really looked like scoring.

League 2 Match
Portsmouth 0
Northampton Town 0
Well we were the better team today but our finishing let us down. Not a bad result though.

League 2 Match
Fleetwood Town 2 – Slew x2
Portsmouth 3- Akinde, Wallace, Agyemang
Well deserved victory we lead all game and id been very disappointed if we didn’t get anything less than a win. We did however pick up an unwanted injury so hopefully he isn’t out for long.

League 2 Match
Portsmouth 3- Connelly, Agyemang, Wallace
Rochdale 3- vincenti, Grant, Donnelly
Well was a fair result in the end both teams played well and attacked well so fair result, or maybe we were lucky for a draw.

League 2 Match
Portsmouth 1- Ertl
Newport County 1- O’connor
Well that was a dull game really a scrappy draw and neither team really deserved to win. Take a draw though better than a loss.

League 2 Match
Dagenham & Redbridge 2- Howell x2
Portsmouth 0
Well we lost and badly. We didn’t play well at all and deserved nothing from this game, yet everyone loses from time to time so im not to worried.

League 2 Match
Chesterfield 3- Doyle x2, Adorjan
Portsmouth- Walker x2, Wallace
We were 3-1 down so good come back to upset the odds as chesterfield were the favourites. Good result considering the situation we were in.

Monthly Summary
Not a brilliant month but not a terrible one. We had a few good results and we are in a decent position in the league so we are doing okay so far. We have not solved our finance problems as yet but i am hoping we get a takeover soon or at least pay off our debts.

Player of the month

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He has been brilliant for us this month scoring important goals and being there when we need him. Even though he isn't the top goal scorer in the league he is for our team and he is a very important member of out squad.

League Table
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We are lying in 11th place, which is alright after the 2nd month of the season. Plenty time to go and plenty games left. We have the potential to climb this league and there is not a huge gap at all so its very achievable.

Next update to be expected later tonight. Keep following and enjoying the story.

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League 2 Match
Portsmouth 2- Agyemang, Ertl
Mansfield 2- Green, Mangan
Another draw yet again, this is getting a habit but it is better than a loss. We need to kick on and get some results underneath us.

League 2 Match
Plymouth Argyle 0
Portsmouth 2- Agyemang, Akinde

A well deserved win today and we now broke our bad run so hopefully it continues. Agyemang on the score sheet again.

League 2 Match
Porstmouth 2- Wallace, Bradley
Hartlepool 2- Walton, Howard
We played well but couldn’t find the decisive goal to see them off but a draw is an okay result, Even though we should have won comfortably.

League 2 Match
Bristol Rovers 2- Clarkson, Maclaren
Portsmouth 4- Bradley Connelly, Wallace x2
Great victory and performance from the lads. We really dominated the game and clinical finishing proved to be the difference.

League 2 Match
Morcambe 1- Holroyd
Portsmouth 0
Was a pretty dull game until the 89th​ minute, when my keeper lost his mind and passed the ball straight to Holroyd to tap into an empty net. I would have taken a boring draw though.

League 2 Match
Portsmouth 3- Connelly, Walker, Akinde
Scunthorpe 1- Coke
Great win today. Played really well and dominated like we should have. I have to say I thought would have been a closer match but im pleased we ran out clear winners.

Player Of The Month
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Akinde has been a key figure in attack since Agyemang got injured earlier this month. He has scored crucial goals and proving a good strike partner for Connelly.

League Table
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We are now lying in &th place which is a great leap from where we were in September. Great progress from the lads and lets hope we keep on climbing this table.


This is my least favourite part. we currently have 4 injured players which is bad for us as i now have no reserves and my only playable players are on the pitch and bench. We really need to get some players in January even if they only loaned as my squad is so very thin.

Agyemang: 2-3 Weeks
Sodje: 3-4 Weeks
Wallace: 2-3 Weeks
Harris: 3-4 Weeks

Hopefully we can cope and have no more injuries until they all recover.

Month Summary
We have made great progress this month, we were unfortunate to lose against morcambe. We were all set up for a draw until my keepers laps of concentration.Apart from that we have performed well and made good progress up the table so overall a good month for us.

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FA Cup
Portsmouth 3- Akinde, Walker x2
Kingstonian 0

Simply we won and dominated the game like we should so into the next round we go.

League 2 Match
Burton Albion 3, Doyle, Bent, Weir
Portsmouth 2, Walker, Akinde

We fought well and kept it level till 87th​ minute. We did well to keep going and keep playing our football but unfortunately the result didn’t go our way.

League 2 Match
Portsmouth 0
Southend 3- Mohsni, Whight, Nish

We were destroyed today. Did not deserve anything from this match at all. We will hopefully bounce back next game.

League 2 Match
York City 2- Coulson, McGirk
Portsmouth 1- Connelly

Another poor performance against a team we should have beaten. Becoming a trend now losing to teams we should beat any day. Need a massive boost.

League 2 Match
Accrington Stanley 2- Lindfield, Boco
Portsmouth 2- Connelly, Barcham

We played well today such a different performance and then conceded a equaliser in 89th​ minute. We really need to shut up shop in the later stages as we concede to many late goals that cost us games. Take a point though.

League 2 Match
Portsmouth 1- Craddock
Exeter 2- Bijev, Molesely

Another bad game for us our month gets worse and worse by the game at the moment we need some dramatic changes. Also need our full squad fit again.

League 2 Match
Portsmouth 2- Connelly, Craddock
Wycombe 2- Hewitt, Lewis

We played great and were 2-0 up until last ten minutes then they scored two goals to equalise. Typical for us this season. Should have won.

Player Of The Month

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This was such a hard decision to make. We have not had a great month at all but i think Craddock deserved it more than anyone as he filled in rather well whilst Ashley Harris has been out injured.

League Table

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We had a very poor month by our previous standards. We didn't get the results we wanted and we dropped 8 places and on a very bad run. Not really on track now for promotion at the moment but there is still time to go we need a huge boost.

Month Summary

Alot of late goals was a key factor to why we had a bad month, as most late goals were late equalisers or late winners and we didn't have luck on our side at all. i cant wait until January and hopefully get some players in. We still waiting for a takeover also. Another factor that determined the bad month was the injuries we had, a lot of our key players picked up injuries so had to content with a disjointed squad.

Keep following this story and keep commenting always like to hear your views and thoughts.

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FA Cup 2nd​ Round
Portsmouth 2- Agyemang, Sodje
Mansfield 0

Great start to this month, Clean sheet which hasn’t happened for a long time and we didn’t concede a late goal so overall great day.

League 2 Match

Oxford 0
Portsmouth 1- Agyemang

Greats first game of the month. A victory and another clean sheet we have started this month really well.

League 2 Match
Bury 2- Brobbel, Bishop
Portsmouth 0

First defeat of this month. We really did play poorly today and deserved this result, which wasn’t helped by our poor finishing.

League 2 Match
Portsmouth 1- Barcham
Torquay 1- Fowler

A game I thought we should have one as we were the better team but once again our finishing let us down.

League 2 Match
Wimbledon 3- Sweeney x2, Moore
Portsmouth 4- Connelly, Barcham, Akinde x3

Great win for us today. Akinde came on as a sub and got a hat trick so he had a cracking game. Well deserved result.

League 2 Match
Portsmouth 0
Cheltenham 1- Taylor

Not a good result but we didn’t really deserve much from this game. Played rather poorly and lacked attacking threat.

League 2 Match
Fleetwood 3- Keenan x2, Gillespie
Portsmouth 1- Barcham

We didn’t play to well and once again attacking opportunities were few and far between. Fleetwood deserved the win.

Player Of The Month
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Jed Wallace has been great this month. He has now become a key member of the team and the best thing is he is only 19 years old. i think this lad has a very bright future.

League Table

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Still not a very healthy position for our promotion battle but now im starting to think we need to re ***** our aims for this season. I think our aim should be mid table to top half finish. that should be a more reasonable especially if we don't get any new players in January.

Month Summary
we have had a up and down month and some results have gone our way some haven't. We have slipped down the table further but this has made us realise we need a more realistic aim then promotion. So depending on our squad situation in January we can determine our eventual position.​