Dec 19, 2010
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Alright guys, thinking of doing a season or two with Portsmouth however i'm one of these people that like to spend on players. So my question is, is there a specific date when Pompey's transfer embargo gets lifted? or can I do anything to get out of the embargo?
janueary i think but u can still sign free plaeyrs

i advice u to sign jay demerit if possible
It ends on 30th September 2010. You'll have to sign free players or players on loan to boost your squad.

Be warned you won't get given a lot of money to spend you'll have to make it yourself. I'm in the process of writing a guide for Portsmouth as there's not one on here. My first attempt but hopefully it'll be helpful.
No only to end of september, tbh you dont really need many players only back up players, richie plays suprisngly well despite his stats, utaka will boost your way to the PL if you dont decide to sell him off that is!