Jan 20, 2009
Reaction score
About 10 games into my 1st season with Preston and I'm changing from 4-4-2 to 4-5-1 due to poor results and my assistant suggesting the current formation is unsuitable.

However, my strikers have struggled to score as it is (3 between them all season) so with 4-5-1 they will find it even harder as they are on their own.

I think I've given them the wrong roles as Paul Hayes and Jon Parkin have good stats but can't score. Currently I have Jon Parkin (Target Man), Paul Hayes (Deep Lying), Chris Brown (Advanced) and Josh King (Poacher).

Should I change the player roles to something else and if so what to or am I right and just need to buy a new striker?

Also, is a certain player role better suited when a player is up front on his own? e.g. Target Man or Advanced Forward
First of all, you need to give time to a tactic to take advantage of it. Second, I would advice you to go to press conferences instead sending your *** Man. You're in the first season and it would be an act of good faith to the team. What tactics do you use ? It really makes a diference.