Nov 12, 2010
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I have a little problem with every season's youth intake. No matter I'm Real, Barca, Milan or a small club, every time I have an youth intake, those regens are poor (I mean really poor). Even if I have "State of the art Youth Facitities" and the best youth coaches (with high level of recruitment) I still get very poor regens. I am a sucker for developing youngsters, this is one of my favourite part of the game, but when I see the poor level of new intake players i really get frustrated. I invest a lot of money in youth coaches and facilities because I want to have al least decent youth prospects and what I get is far from decent. Clubs with Average Youth Facilities have much more better youth regens than mine. What is to be done ? Am I missing something or what is wrong ? This is not realistic at all. If you can give me some detailed information on this, I really apreciate because it would make my game twice as interesting.

P.S I searched the forum for a thread like this, but found nothing like, but if there was one, please excuse me. Best wishes.
At least 4 starts, I also sign 40-50 years old coaches. I avoid the older ones because I want to keep them and have continuity, build for the future. I'm sure that not the quality of my (Youth) Coaches is the problem, because I always sign the best available. Even if they are not quite the best, they are among them.
The working with youngsters stat is most important - this is tied to recruiting. As well as their country of knowledge. It's not so much the training stars that are important
Do you mean rubbish in terms of potential ability or rubbish in terms of stats? Could be down to how you are training them. In any case, the vast majority are always rubbish, I tend to get one decent one every three seasons who is just about good enough to break into the first team. With a bit of work on customised training, tutoring, ppms and loans move where they can get regular footy, as well as playing them in cup games or the last 30 mins of a game already won, you'll get a few turning out alright.
Yes I know, I don't have youth coaches that have "Working with youngsters" under 17. I also sign those who have good level of recruting. You said something about the country knowledge. You mean that the youth coaches must have high knowledge of the country I'm playing in to sign good regens ?

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@ mccollio09 I mean they are poor in stats and PA. I am good at developing a youngster, this is the thing I know best, but the problem is that I have to buy 16 years old regens from other clubs, so I can develop. This is something I criticize Sports Interactive. After you invest so much money to have State of the Art Youth Facilities and the best coaches available, you get rubbish regens every season. It should be a good regen every season if you have the best youth enviroment.
Maybe it depends on the team and the country? Every season I would get one decent regen with Sporting CP (a long-term save I had, pretty much the only FM save I've played). As in good enough to be in the first team. Once every three or four seasons I would get a really solid player. And once, I got an amazing regen, possibly as good as anyone has ever gotten in FM (no joke, I did **** him up a little bit with poor training but this guy is an absolute monster, I'm talking Ronaldo quality already and he's 19).

If you're AC Milan, I don't know anything about AC Milan's youth academy but maybe they don't have a history of producing good players from the youth academy? Maybe Italian regens aren't as good? I don't know.
Yes, I noticed that the country counts a lot. Brazilian clubs always have very good regens. Same the French ones. I am now playing Olympique Marseille in 1st season. I'll post here what regens I have over the next 2-3 seasons. First I have to upgrade my Youth Facilities. If I do that until State of the Art and still nothing, then I will get mad :mad: because this is the reason I am playing Marseille (besides the fact that I love french football). In France always seemed to be the best regens in my game. Now it's time to see for myself.
SI have said there looking at the quality of regens for 3rd patch
SI have said there looking at the quality of regens for 3rd patch

That's a relief. This year's edition had so many bugs, even after 2 patches, some critical areas of the game still have bugs that stop you truly enjoying this game. In FM 10 weren't so many bugs, especially after 2 patches released. This means that we had to wait 5 months since the release of the game until de release of the patch 11.3 so we can play our favourite game at his entire potential. It's a shame.
While there's a huge element of randomness in that, I've found that things tend to improve if ALL your coaches (not just youth) and scouts have high levels of recruitment, which is given by judgement of ability & potential.

Also, a fair number of them should be from your club's country (France in your case).
I agree that most arent great but you must play out about 4 or 5 seasons and the quality of them will improve mate
SI have said there looking at the quality of regens for 3rd patch

Yeah but if all the regens are proper bollicks then the game will still be evenly ****.

I have a few great Caley regens.
if your milan barca or real madrid etc a 2 1/2 star player is still gunna be a very good player as your are the top of the football world
set your world class players tutoring them and increase the training
the intakes in fm aren't very realistic. IRL there's a set standard- and should be replicated- i.e 0.5-1.5 CA stars and min. 2-5 PA stars is recommended- i hope SI fixes the youth recruitment thing so playing like Barca becomes possible.
Same problem with me on my Arsenal save. 'World class facilities', 9 seasons, and dozens of regens later, only two are good enough for the first team while a third is a decent super-sub.

Fix it, SI.
IRL, clubs produce players that end up playing in the first team- every time. Mario Gotze, Julian Draxler, Oliver Baumann, Thomas Muller, Andreu Fontas, Thiago, Tom Cleverley and so on and so for.

If let's say you're Arsenal- with world class facilities- there should be a 100% chance of producing someone of Lansbury's quality.

SI need to catch on with the times, and do research. Good research is needed to create good simulation.
I've never had good regens, but I always play LLM.

But to say top clubs always produce their own players isn't true.

Some of the greatest players ever have come from tiny tiny obscure clubs; and THIS isn't realistically implemented into the game. Outside of Africa, you'll almost never find a potential continental class regen from an "obscure" club worth less than 500k US dollars.