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Positions and Transfer budgets have changed.

Nov 28, 2009
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I went to start a new save with Newcastle and noticed Ben Arfa's natural position was amc, he was competent at aml and accomplished at amr, last time I was Newcastle it was natural aml. I also noticed that Newcastle's transfer budget was £3m where last time I started a game it was £11m.
Does anybody know why this has happened? On the game status screen it says 13.3.3 so I haven't accidentally loaded up the default patch or anything. I also noticed a few other changes from the last time I loaded up a new game using the newest patch, Darren Fletcher being out for weeks rather than over a year with his illness and El Shaarawy being natural amr instead of aml.
Has there been a mini patch that has come out and made these changes or has something went wrong with my game at some point?