Sep 2, 2009
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I'm trying to create a possession tactic and I need testers so the tactic to be tested with various teams. So please if anyone can, help me to test and post the results.(Its a 4-2-3-1 without striker)
First match so far ...

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I've tried the download link but the file won't download. Just attach the file to your post instead of using an awful filesharing site like that.
Thank you sean for your reply. I've attached the tactic.
I've never tried a possession tactic personally. From the stats posted though it looks good. Interesting though how it seems to be your wingers getting the most of the ball.
First match in Liga 1, was against a not good team
I played 1 game with Dinamo Zagabria

Cibalia - Zagabria 1-0 , with 67% of ball possesion and only 1 shot
Thank you for reply rreus. You played away? Because I saw that the tactic doesn't work so well in away matches, but at home with a large pitch I dominate. I think in away matches is good to lower the width because the other teams i don't think they have a large pitch. And also if you don't have a large pitch lower the width to normal. I think that would be a cause.