Possible second season syndrome solution...


Feb 10, 2011
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Do YOU suffer from second season syndrome?

I too suffer from second season syndrome and the normal solution is relatively simple - to change things around.

However, what if you're trying to enforce and build a specific footballing philosophy on your team?
For example: a 4-2-2-2 with AMCs instead of wingers?
You've been successful in your first season, gotten a large budget, bought two new world class AMCs... now you have to change to a wide 4-2-3-1 which you don't have the players for because the game wants to troll you with the most unrealistic second season syndrome ever?

I think I have found a solution.

CONVERT YOUR TACTIC TO CLASSIC. (make sure you backup beforehand though)

It's as simple as that. I've tried this twice now and it's worked. Your tactic isn't 100% spot on because the game guesses a lot of things when it converts the tactic, however your results should return back to normal playing a more or less similar type of football.

I don't know if you can ever go back to your first season tactic - i.e. the one you had success with in your first season. You probably can come the third season... then you'll have to go classic again for the fourth. However it seems like the match engine just wants you to 'change something' when it comes to second season syndrome rather than reinvent the wheel to mastermind victories and it seems like the 'somethings' changed when converting to classic are sufficient to satisfy the ME.

This has worked for me, it could be completely coincidental... if any of you are reading this and have rage quitted from a save and never gone back to it... give this a shot.

Cheers and good luck!