I agree! He is simply beast on the back post, I am never getting rid :D
...And I feel like I am exploiting corners when Kjaer gets 7 for me in a season.
Looooool, once in Napoli, in 09, I got Rinaudo to score 19 goals and Cannavaro 15, but 29.. Unreal xD
My Shawcross is with 24 games 16 goals.
Team corners instructions: Far Post.
Defender instructions: you have to see what better fits your defender "Stand on Far Post" or "Attack Far Post".
Corner taking: Left corner is taken by player possessing right foot and Right corner is taken by player possessing left foot.
And voilá!
It's been known for **** like that to crop up, Shaun Barker scored 15 headers in a season before, on FM of course.
Who the defender that score a lot?
Who stand far post or who attack far post?
Off topic, but where'd you get the Player Profile Picture from?

Yeah, looks like a new Corner Bug i think. Still noice.
if you're using corner bug, i'll say Lucio from Inter Milan. He's beast
my cb's score a lot with the goals galore tactic, duno if its a bug?
It's all about the corner instructions. I once had a sick tactic on the 07 FM. 90% of the corners was a goal. It wasn't fun after 5 corners and 5 goals -.-