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Dec 3, 2009
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Please use this thread to post your cod/fifa/what ever gaming videos you want to post.

These can be your own, or your favourite videos made by other people.

Please use this thread to ask people to sub to your YouTube videos as well.

Thanks for setting this up Dunc, the increase in COD vidoes atm has been annoying, especially as they have all been mediocre
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Thank you to whichever mod banned his ***
Ok, hes banned, stay on topic and post or comment about videos.
[ame=""]YouTube - o R3MiiKZz x - Black Ops Game Clip[/ame]
Wow, pretty nice video, although I am a bit of a CoD noob when it comes to good kills lol.

Have a look at some of the videos on there, i don't really want to post loads of videos in one post, but i'll give you one.

[ame=""]YouTube - Last Bullet[/ame]
Not my video but a brilliant one I just watched.

Me and my mate did a mw2 montage have look
[ame=""]YouTube - o R3MiiKZz x - InSaNe x GoDLii[/ame]
FIFA & COD videos? /yawn

[ame=""]YouTube - Epoch vs Algalon (10-man) - Tankadin POV[/ame]
My first Call of Duty: Black Ops commentary: [ame=""]YouTube - [Call of Duty: Black Ops] Domination 202 - 4 on Radiation[/ame]

Please comment, rate & subscribe to the channel if you enjoy Call of Duty videos, and commentaries in general. I'll be uploading plenty more videos in the coming weeks.
my clan's css vid we made. killing begins at 1:40 if you dont like arty-ness :p

and my fave ever gaming vid. immense.
[ame=""]YouTube - CSS - Incorporated 2 by ClaYmaN - HD w// Sound[/ame]
Billy, apart from having an epic sexy voice. Nice vid. Pitty about the Chopper gunner fail tho.