Post your suggestions for FM14, (or the next patch), and hope SI read them.

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Sep 26, 2012
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Firstly, thanks for changing the refs kits, I always hated the brightly coloured fancy dress costumes they wore before. You could, however, have more shirt colours. As long as the shorts and socks stay black then the realism is more than retained. Red, yellow and blue shirts are quite common nowadays, also grey would be good and would rarely clash with a team.

Also, how about putting a couple of managers in the technical area. In Summer they could be in shirt sleeves and in Winter they could wear Fergie or Wenger coats.

I would also like to see ground specific goal nets. For example, Liverpool has red goal nets whereas Everton have blue, Manchester United's are white whereas City's are black.

Would it be possible to give the referees the same boots as the goalkeepers rather than the players? If so I could keep them black when I change the player boots colour.

Can the bug affecting Mark Halsey be fixed? He appears in the game but with a different made up name every time. Search for him by his own name and he isn't there, although he is in the editor.

How about putting a players tunnel on the pitch? At the moment they just disappear at the end of a game.

Thats it for now until I can think of something else.

Only 3 things I'd like to see is:

1) Better scouting interface (Last year's was alright, this year's I don't get so just leave everything to my Chief Scout)

2) Better Opposition Scout Reports. They just aren't very good at the moment, and I'd like to see information on how the scout thinks the team's tactics look like (I am especially thinking of defensively here, I want to know how high their defensive line is, how much they press, what kind of marking they generally use, etc.). Maybe even have the scout's opinion on the team's strengths and weaknesses? (Much like do) (Screenshot of what I mean below)

3) Better media interaction. Still very basic and boring, every press conference is much the same and there aren't enough ways to interact with other manager's, teams, players, etc. through the media!

There isn't going to be another patch for FM13 by the way...

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P.S. I am also fairly sure there is a stickied thread for this somewhere - there usually is - but I can't find it...

P.P.S. Found it....
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