Posting Pictures - For Dummies


Nov 27, 2009
Can someone make a guide in the different ways how to post pictures in a post?
I know you can f12 and drag pictures over, but when i do it covers the whole screen and i get the message its to large.
When i upload to a site online (photobucket) it shows the picture, but impossible to increase size so its not realy usefull for people to watch.

So what im requesting here is a guide how to make the posts neat and clean and the pictures you put up clickable and open in new window or similare in full size (or almost full size).

Can someone with skil land experience take this job? becasue i realy would love to be able to post pictures in a way that don't make me feel like the dummy i am aswell as keeping the treads easy to read.

Tnx In Advance