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Mar 6, 2009

Welcome to the new subforum of the Tactic section

In here, you may start threads on the following subjects ( or threads reminding of these ;d )

Asking to be spoon fed with a tactic

- " I need a tactic for Napoli first season, using an updated database. I have bought Hazard and want to use 2 forwards. Here is a screenshot of my team ( as not all users actually know the transfers made in the updated database). Cheers and thanks for your help

Asking users to help you to tweak your tactics

- " I am currently using a 4411, Fluid, Control, playing as Liverpool. Whilst I have no problem with beating the likes of Man u or Arsenal, I always seem to loose when playing lesser teams like Wigan away or even Blackpool at home. Anyway, here are some screens of my formation, the team settings along with the mentality and closing down settings of my team ( as I know that not all user have played fluid-control in a 4411)

Asking how to setup a tactic in general for your team

I am a newbie to FM and don't know how to setup my team. Can you give me some pointers. As you can imagine, I will not be able to use the shouts( until learning them) so I just need some basic pointers and then I will carry on myself as I like the idea of exploring the new game I just bought. I am playing with my favorite team X. here is a screenshot of the players. I would like to play a 4231 as its my favourite formation in real life.. Cheers

Remember that the more relevant information you provide, the better the help you will get
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