Dec 31, 2011
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I bought him for 16m a season ago and whatever he touches turns to gold. I play him in cm (AP-ATT) in a 433 dmc system, watching him he seems alot like yaya toure driving forward with the ball except unlike toure he runs past everyone into the box and either scores or lays it off for a teammate.

He also has 20 off the ball which meant he is constantly in the right position to score yet more goals.

What i want to know is what ppms can i teach him to make him even better. im half tempted to leave him alone and let him continue as he is but with a player like this its worth just looking into at the very least. He currently has "gets forward whenever possible" and "knocks ball past oponent" both of which are perfectly suited to him and so i would prefer not to change those. Also if anybody can see any attributes which need specific training that would help.View attachment 332401View attachment 332402

cheers in advance
I would leave him as is mate, what a great AMC :)

you could chose:

1) places shots
2) goes around keeper
3) 1st time shots
4) attacks through centre

as he is AMC and has great pace and gets forward PPM, he will arrive in the box or dribble through the box, these PPM's would help him really score more goals
His stats are ridiculously high! What jumps out at me are the 20/20 Pace &and acceleration. I've never seen that before. I've only ever seen one regen with 20 pace and 18 acceleration and his other stats suffered because of that.
I'd love to know what his pa/ca are.
Try getting him to be tutored by someone with the 'Curls ball' PPM. It can only be learned by tutoring but will improve alot of the things he does even further!
cheers, il email you the save game if you want to find out. iv got another english striker with 19 pace and 19 acceleration 18 dribble and 18 finishing haha must be beginners luck
thanks, attacks through centre sounds like a great idea :)