Pre season failure, please help! (technical)


Nov 4, 2009
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Having a problem with my pre season! The first time I chose when to start the pre season training I chose the third of july but it ended up starting up the 17th even thou all my players were home from vacation from the third. Before the 17th it simply said "vacation for the players after en of season" and I could not do anything training wise before the 17th. I reloaded my save that was just before the end of the season (the autosave) and did it all again thinking I may have chosen the wrong date as the 17th was one of the other options. But in my frustration, it all happened again!!! What kind of cruel glitch is this?! Please help me...

Although I noticed my two free signings (falcao and kagawa for newcastle) (YUMMY) for next season - 17/18, were still on vacation when the rest of the squad had returned. May this have triggered somekind of glitch in the game? Has it happened for anyone before?

It's just that I really don't like it when my team does not FULLY understand the tactics...

If anyone has an answer for this, I thank you!