Premier League FM Network Game (Committed & Experienced players only)


Jun 14, 2009
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I am looking to start a long term network career with at max 4 players. This will ensure there is enough competition within the game without compromising the practicality and efficiency of the game.

The game will run in the premier league with the latest fm13 data and ME update. Once players are confirmed we will decide what tier (top table, middle table or bottom table) teams we shall manage.

Looking for players who:

- Are committed and in it for the long term.
-Have experience
-Are flexible
- Can play most evenings, though obviously this is not always possible which is fine.
- Are friendly and funny (Good banter is a must)
- Have skype- NO MIC OR W/C NEEDED, JUST A KEYBOARD TO TYPE (Purely as a means of communication, im not a fan of the chat interface for steam- if you don't have it...GET IT)

I am looking to start this game as soon as possible so either leave a msg in this thread or send me a pm.

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If you are interested please drop your steam id or skype name or private message me :)
Does it matter if you have a mic or not? I have skype but no mic.
That's fine. The skype isn't for video or mic its literally just for the chat typing function