Sep 3, 2012
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hey guys, im back! so lets get straight into it, the Premier League's Guide to the Title Tactics!
so, here i am going to help you with which sort of teams to pick, just ask about a team and i'll give you the advice and tactics! here are a few examples, now, if youre going to pick a team with high reputation, such as Manchester Unitded, City, Chelsea, Arsenal, Tottenham or even Liverpool, your ging to want to play INSIDE FORWARDS (Wingers), or ADVANCED PLAYMAKERS(Attacking Midfielders), this will allow your team to push forward comfortably and also make it easier for you to be able to score, as long as you having strong defenders. now, onto defenders, one of your defenders should play as a BALL PLAYING DEF. ( Central Defender) this will create extra oppertunity for your attacking force, and also allowing your defender to come back and help defend. now finally, attacking. now, one of your attackers (or your only attacker) should play as a poacher, and the other (if you play one) should play as a Complete Forward, allowi g an extra amount of goals to be scored leaving no danger. But, youre going to want to buy players, and the players you may want to buy are - PIQUE, brilliant and solId defender, JOAO MOUTINHO - excellent playmaker, KP BOATENG - all round midfielder, extends range of oppertunities for attackingand defending, VIDAL, amazing, creates oppertunities everywhere in the field, and can also score a few himself. finally, a cheap and brilliant forward, Manzukic, a great Poacher who will score goals, and a great headerer.
Ask about a team and ill help you out!! Thanks and hope you found it useful
Ok here is one for you. Been trying to replicate Manchester Uniteds 2006-2007 tactic. A tactic which saw them take back their crown from Jose at Chelsea. This united side had Rooney,Saha and for the first time Ronaldo showed the world what he could really do. United scored goals for fun and destroyed Roma at old Trafford.