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Apr 10, 2009
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Hi everyone, I want to make a update but I am only doing it on the Premier League ATM. You can download LFCMARSHALLS update but I dont like PA/CA changes so im making my own.
Please can you give me transfers and changes to make please use this template as it makes it easier, I am devoting all day tommorow just to do the prem.

Name...Club From...Club To...Fee/Loan

Andy Carroll, Newcastle to Liverpool £35 Million
Fernando Torres, Liverpool to Chelsea £50 Million
Luis Suarez, Ajax to Liverpool £22.5 Million
Anders Lindergaard, Aaulsunds to Manchester United £3.5 Million
Edin Dzeko, Wolfsburg to Manchester City £27 Million
Jason Puncheon, Southampton to Blackpool Loan till End Season
Obafemi Martins, Rubin Kazan to Birmingham City Loan till End Season

You can also suggest Transfer Budgets ETC.

Proposed Transfer Budgets:
Arsenal £18 M
Aston Villa £7 M
Birmingham City £5 M
Blackburn Rovers £8 M
Blackpool £ 1.5 M
Bolton Wanderers £3 M
Chelsea £19 M
Everton £6 M
Fulham £2.5 M
Liverpool £15 M
Manchester City £40 M
Manchester United £12 M
Newcastle United £30 M
Stoke City £2.5 M
Sunderland £5 M
Tottenham Hospur £7.5 M
West Brom Albion £2.5 M
West Ham £3 M
Wigan Athletic £5 M
Wolverhampton Wanderers £3 M

All these budgets are thinking about the patch 11.2.1 budgets but including Januarys Transfers.

So please suggest anything apart from CA/PA changes :)
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newcastle to have a bigger budget than Man city? ashley will gamble it all away for a start...
Yeah but Neall you see your a 'Boro supported so you would say that and Pardew has been guarenteed all the Carroll Money is spent on new players.

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Come on people!
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Don't see how Newcastle would get a bigger budget than City, when City are the richest team in the world by far..
Carlos Vela, Arsenal to West Brom loan till end of season

Will give some more later
Don't agree with the budgets, Chelsea £10M?!
nothing to do with the fact i support boro just that Newcastle should not have a bigger budget than city
The reason Chelsea only got £10m is because of who they brought and they didnt really make any money and I will increase Citys budget.
I think Liverpool's budget should be larger, the patch gave them like £25m, they only spent £1.8m net in January, so there's plenty leftover, plus the owners will put more in.