Premier League - WBA tried to sign 29 strikers

That's pretty crazy. They must have been asking a bit much not getting more than one out of 29 strikers XD
WOW embarresment
and they only managed a loan
but u got to admire the persistancy of WBA
That's hilarious, but the one they did get in is good.

Hopefully he does the business for them.
I reckon most teams outside the top 5 or 6 teams in the country struggle to bring players in. This is probably nothing out of the ordinary.
Not surprised... seems to be a trend in the midlands, Big Eck was juggling loads of bids to try and get the best player possible, and because of the amount of doors that get shut in your face.

Especially by agents when you say your from a club in Birmingham :$
Its not embarrasing at all. Its alot harder to sign players than people may think, real life is not football manager. I remember an interview with Sam Allardyce a few years ago and he said if you had a list of 10 players you would only get one.
That sounds like some serious attempts at panic buying went on, not sure I'd reveal that is I worked for the club, it's a bit embarrassing for them, it doesn't sound to believable, and if someone was to say that I'd expect it to be a joke.. but I could be wrong.
Shame they didn't get Jason Roberts. Ah well.

29 strikers is alot, but I bet that all clubs enquire about dozens of players so not too suprising.
Standard then.... You make an enquiry, club says not for sale, you move on.. do this enough time, you get to 29.
Hardly surprising, and I wouldn't be surprised if Liverpool tried to sign 10/15 to replace Torres..
Good for them, they did try to get better and they got a good one. It's hard when you're not a glamour club and in a nasty relegation fight with a shaky managerial situation that wasn't resolved (for the worse) until recently. WBA were at least fun to watch under Di Matteo which can be a selling point, I shudder to think what will happen under Woy.