premiership youngsters that are amazing in the spl.

Jan 5, 2010
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signed these for hearts

kyle bartley - arsenal - was in england squads was never capped so he decided to play for jamaica
daniel boateng - arsenal - ghanian
jack robinson - liverpool - currently in the england squad but not yet capped.

got bartley * boateng on free transfers 2nd season nd sold boateng for 2.5m 2 seasons later, decided to keep bartley as he is a brick wall at centre back also scorin loads from set piceces

jack robinson cost 4m after he moved to QPR. still got him as well.

also wellington silva the young arsenal striker who goes to them in jan first season scores loads of goals in the spl.
Interesting. When I'm in SPL, I hardly ever have the cash to cover loan fees. Will look at these guys next time.