problem when signing a player permanently while he is on loan


Dec 31, 2010
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Hi there,

I just wanted to ask if anyone has seen a problem similar to mine. Basically the problem is i, manchester united, have signed a player from athletico madrid but he is still playing for the athletico madrid under 19 team. However in the history it stating that he is now my player.

The only problem i can think of is the following scenario:

Signed the player on loan for a season at start of 2012/13 season. During January transfer window i bid 15million for this player and they accepted. Offered a contract and then he accepted. However the transfer did not go through as the transfer window then shut. However the player was no longer "on loan" to me (i.e. his name changed colour) and i carried on playing. Come the end of the season i noticed this slight problem so to try and rectify it i signed him on a permanent basis. The transfer went through at 20million but now he has two contracts with me, which expire on the same date but one is at 46k a week and another one is at 52k a week. However i cannot play him on weekends in the premier league as he keeps playing for the athletico madrid under 19s. i have tried taking over athletico but there is no option which allows me to release this player.

Can anyone offer any advice on this situation please?