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Dec 29, 2010
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Hello, I have a problem playing FM 2011 with my friend by network game. When I try to extend a contract of any of my players or staff I can't choose lenght of contract. When I want to negotiate new contract all details are available except of lenght of contract. There is only information that this option is non selected and comment that "(*) cannot suggested deal due to board restrictions, please correct".
This occurs only in case of player joining network game, not the one hosting it. We have checked it on few other games. This is probably some kind of bug and I hope it can be solved.

We both have original version of game with all patches. I have the game which I have bought in Scotland, my friend has one he bought in Poland. But I don't think it could be serious problem.

What we checked:

- contract can't be negotiate whatever the version of game is
- no matter what the club and what is part of the season
- languages have no meaning (I have downloaded Polish subtitles)
- such a problems has only player who joining the game
- we have reinstalled the game and all patches, with no result

I would appreciate any help!!

Ps. My two friends from Poland have the same problem.
Ps 2. I hope to get a responds from somebody of SI game staff.
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