Problem with running steam! Please Help!


Dec 4, 2010
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Hi guys, wondering if you could help me. Just turned on my laptop and attempted to run steam but this message came up : "ERROR Steam.exe(main exception) : CMultiFieldBlob(pSerialized): Bad field - extends past end of blob".

I have no idea what the problem is or how to resolve it. I have tried restarting my laptop a couple of times but that has been useless and the same message keeps coming up. Has anyone experienced this in the past or know how to resolve it? Please help me!
Ive experience this is the past if i remember rightly, i logged out of my steam account and turned my laptop off overnight, turned it back on the next day and worked fine, hope this has helped a little sorry i couldnt do more.
okay now it has come up with : "ERROR Steam.exe(main exception) : Win32 StructuredException at 004233F : Attempt to read from virtual address 8936595 without appropriate access rights"

don't know if this helps in anyway haha

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Yeah I thought that I should just leave it for a while. Hopefully when I try again tomorrow at some point it will work again. I have also tried disconnecting from my internet to see if it was a problem with steam online but it still comes up with the ERROR message. Thanks for helping though mate :)
No it doesnt :S when it happened to me i searched through numerous forums but couldnt find an answer, hope it works soon though, let me know if you fix it :)
That 'no it doesnt' was in response to when you said what other error occured and wondered if that would help me solve your problem but it didnt, leaving it overnight though was the way it fixed for me, if you find another way to fix it let me know :)
Okay well I'm just gunna leave it and post what happens tomorrow. Cheers for the help