Sep 7, 2010
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hi everyone!
I've started new game yesterday with new patch 12.2.0 and after about 6 months I've lost all my scout reports. For example. I wanna to get report about Tevez: click scout report --> after few days scout comes back, click report --> ... nothing! :O wtf? does anyone have the same problem?
my friends just been telling me about this issue too. apart from these issues kicked off for him in the 2nd season.
Im also having this problem, i tweeted @footballmanager and got a reply but no information on it, they haven't replied needs sorting out
just happened to me, anyone know how to fix this
have you downloaded the latest patch (released the other day to fix this issue)
ive have my steam open for two days and still nothing, its annoying cause 1st year in the prem after promotion and in pre season so i need reports
I am having similiar problems as well, I ask my scout for a report but no report ever comes to my inbox, it just says scout report will come shortly which never does.

These are all players that have actually already been scouted, but scouted buy a **** scout, so there report is not accurate so Ive just been trying to run the rule over them with my best scout but its not working.

Very frustrating cuz all these players are probably key players to my team, I cant really continue the game tbh, Now I'm not sure who to sign.

anyone else had problems like this? or a knw a way to fix this, obviously a bug on the game.