Problem with the new patch (for me)


Jan 15, 2013
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This is problem I have discovered is even more annoying than the long range shots on the previous patch. I end up winning my matches but this annoys me:

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Sorry for my language but this is bulls**t. It annoys me when this happens. I know it's only the first half but it's stupid that I'm ever in this situation. It's like if the game knows which team I'm controlling and decides it wants to screw me over. If any of you have played FIFA you might understand when I say it's like FIFA as it wants to keep the match interesting and therefore scripts the game. Not saying this is always the case as sometimes you get a big win but that happens on FIFA aswell where you get a big win every now and then due to having a better tactic or being better at the game. I'm not sure if this is an actual problem but it is ruining the game for me in.

End of match:

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What I call bs.
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The ME cannot tell the difference between Ai and user controlled so therefore it cannot be scripted or biased. The shot accuracy seems to be a problem with your tactics maybe. As you have not posted a SS of you shot accuracy in analysis after a game i cannot say whats going wrong. Try shouts like "Work ball into box" and reduce your longshot sliders for each player.
I've found the problem. It's Robben. No surprise there. He had 8 of the 27 shots. 5 being from at least 25 yards out. I'm gonna kill the greedy *****.
This is simple, You playing possession break and not sacrificing it for ccc and although wolves only had 1 shot that 1 shot was an ccc soo more likely to score...

hope that makes send? basically sacrifice possession for ccc:)
I'm not playing possession football. It was just a very awful team thats why I had so much possession.