Problems - Please help


Jan 23, 2011
Hi guys, I'm starting the post in he hope that some kind person is able to help me, I own a m,acbook pro and have had to recently get a new hard drive installed and as a result I've lost all my saves ( bit gutted but never mind ) however, the guy who did it made saves on all my desktop icons etc etc and I'm already a Steam customer so I was able to re - down load my FM12 however, I can seem to get the German national team in the game, now I looked in a folder than saves db and I recall I had to remove and delete items to get the full national squad within the game, but I'm completely stuck and I don't know how to re - install some skins I had, so I'm wondering if anyone is ind enough to help me please ????

Many thanks for your help with this matter

Kindest regards