Problems Promoting Some Reserve Players

Seth Nytestar

May 7, 2013
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My very first post, pls don't slate me.

I'm unable to promote a few reserve players to my first team but I can promote others. And before you ask, no these guys are actial signed players (not the grey fillers).

Any ideas on how to fix this?

Just for additional info, besides my club I also manage England and these reserve players I wanna promote are England internationals. I doubt so, but are there restrictions on how many national team players you can in your club team (as in like 5 English international first teamers in my club)?
No it shouldn't make any difference at all but try demoteing a player then promoting a player cos I think theres a limit on the first bteam squad of like 36 or something like that
Sorry, sent me phone for servicing.
Yea, thanks guys. Just did the ol' save game and reload guystrick and sure enough solved the problem. Haha..