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Jan 4, 2011
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Hi guys any help would be appreciated, i recently bought fm 2011 i installed it on my laptop but it didnt run very well was really slow etc.

so i have gone to install it on my pc, but it wont accept my product code, is there a way around this, it says it is already been used??? i assume its because i used it on my laptop but i am surprised you cant use it on a seperate machine with the same steam account.??

you already made a thread on this, stop cluttering the place!
I dont know if there's any way around it, but I wouldn't be surprised if there weren't. I don't use Steam, but can't you install it from there somehow?

This is what you get from a greedy industry such as this. :)
My bad

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yeah i know, i mean i bought it from the shop, so the product code is on the manual but i installed it via steam. it is the same steam account so i am amazed it doesnt remember the product code has been used with that certain account
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