Dec 11, 2009
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Here is the story:
I wanted to create a DataBase that will include the 3rd-5th Tier of the Israeli leagues, so I asked madridboy in his topic to help me create it.
After several editions, one which I am using, I realized it is just not the real rules of the league.
I tried to re-write the nation rules so it will work by myself, and failed... So I asked Madridboy, who said it wont work this way, so I put it up for anyone who could try and make it work.
Whoever makes it work, will win the appreciation of the entire Israeli Community... we are about 10K only in one forum ^^"
The rules in suppose are The following:
Premier League:
16 teams, after 30 matches the league is splitted into 3:
1-6: Playoff for the title.
1st place money prize: 2,400,000 NIS.
2nd money prize: 2,000,000 NIS
3rd prize: 1,600,000 NIS
4th-6th: 800,000 NIS
7th: 600K NIS
8th: 400K NIS
9th: 200K NIS

Places 7, 8, 9 and 10 are sent to a playoff for the rank.
Money Prizes are listed above.

Places 11-16 are sent to a playoff against Relegation. the 5th and 6th places in this playoff are Relegated automatically and the 4th place in the playoff is to play a match for survival against the 3rd ranked of the National league.

5 Foreign players in the game squad, 30 players totally is squad.
Normal Yellow card system (after 5 yellow cards counted, the player is banned for one match).

The rest-Here is the page about the Premier League in israel:
Israeli Premier League

The toto cup:
The toto cup is a cup which starts before the season and its final stages takes place during the season itself.
Toto Cup.
Money Prizes:
Every team that is playing the cup automatically earn 300,000 NIS.
This cup is the same for both the Premier Division AND the National Division, Although each league competes in its own Toto Cup.

The lower leagues (3rt-5th tier) has its toto cup either, although it is taking place in the entire leagues (all the teams in tier 3 to 5 take place in this form of the cup, which runs in a knockout system all along the way.

The State Cup:
Info for the cup.

Now for the lower tiers:

Liga Alef:
Usefull Info about this Tier:
Although it isn't created like this in the game, the teams in this Tier are all professional.
The rules in this tier are different then in the main tiers:
2 teams are relegated, 2 teams are going to the national league. the 3rd team is playing qualifications against place 14 of National league.
It has a foreign limit of 3 per squad, and 25 players registered at squad.
Liga bet and Liga Gimel are just about the same rules as liga alef.

Take notes:
In the premier League, the winner is going to a qualification stage 1 of the Champions leauge, place 2 goes for 2nd Q. Round of the Euro cup, and 3rd place goes for the 1st Q round of euro cup.
The winner of the State cup is qualified to the 2nd Q round of the Euro cup. If the winner also won the league, the runner up goes to the Euro cup.
PLEASE try your best :)

If there are clarifications needed, Just ask.

Regards, Elad and the entire israeli Community :)
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