Aug 16, 2010
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I've just been promoted into th BSP with Blyth Spartans and after looking around the forum on possible players to sign, I am really struggiling to sign any of the suggested players. Is there anybody you know would come to me who would do a good job in my league? CDM, LB and LW are the positions i am most in need of :)
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Good lad ;) There is a decent shortlist on the download section mate.
I have just got Dover into league 2, in 3 seasons, and so far i have only signed the england trialists players, a lot of them are good enough for league 2 from the start.
i'v e just been promoted with blyth from the north section. try signing a cm called sissons brilliant player for the lower leagues.
Now you can play with Leonidas Spartis a Amateur Club in Greece...


PS: you can find the data with the lower leagues in Greece in fmgreece...
Here is Sparti!!! LOL!