Dec 30, 2010
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Hello guys i am new to the football manager.Here is my question:

I take turkey second division club bozüyükspor and at the end of season i was able to promote them to the first division.I was chosen as the manager of the year and my reputation is national now.So i was looking for a better club but when i tried to approach for first division clubs they are reluctant to accept me and premier division clubs just 'laugh' at me.I am at the end of season now players are on holiday.What do you think my approach should be.Should i stick to my current club or what?My thinking in here is if in real life a manager was able to take a lower half table team and promote them to the upper division some clubs would kill for them.What do you think?
well actually you don't apply for manager at EPL teams yet. maybe try and claim a champions league berth and bring them to a respectable position. then try your luck at epl teams.
yeah try and take your team to a good position this season and win a cup or something then try next season for a better job :)