Jan 3, 2009
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Last Manager Standing

So you think your the best manager ?, Think you've got that winning tactic ?.
Come and proof it.

Last Manager Standing is a Pass the Save Game with a difference, Each Participant will pick a club to manage and depending on the amount of entries will be grouped together in 3-5 per group, per round, each participant will get a set game time i.e. 3-5 months (game time, depending on number of players in the group) before the save-game is passed on to the next player. The last manager standing (and possibly runner-up) in a group will then enter another game with the winner/s of other groups (if enough people enter to create more than 1 group)

The Rules

1) The player with the lowest rep club starts first.

2) To make this a little bit fairer, each participant will get 7 days (game days) at the start of the season to set up transfers and tactics for their chosen team and each participant will chose a password for their manager to protect their tactics and discourage sabotage.

3) After each player has had his or her 7 days to set up their team, then the first player will get his 1st 3-5 month (game time) period to make as much progress as he or she can. At the end of the 3-5 month period the player will put his manager on holiday mode (indefinitely) and the save game will be passed onto me to update the thread and then pass the save-game onto the next player.

4) If at anytime after or during your 1st full period your sacked your eliminated from the competition.

5) If at the end of a season more than 1 manager is remaining then the points system (see below) will be used to determine the next seasons player rotation (the player with the lowest score will go first).

6) Groups will not run for more than 5 seasons, if at the end of the 5 seasons more than 1 manger is remaining then the points system will be used to determine the overall winner of the group.

7) When a round is over, the winner and possibly runner up will go into the next round, if two entries have the same team then the person with the highest score will get to chose if he or she wants to keep that team or chose another for the next round.

8) The Only time you can change teams is when a new round begins and only a team that is not in your group so if Joe Blogs has Liverpool, Jane Doe has Chelsea and John Smith has Man City then these are the teams you can't chose unless they to want to change.

The save games will be 3 nations maximum with 2 divisions maximum per nation.

I will not be taking part in the challenge myself, I will be the adjudicator and will be updating the thread on each managers progress and updating the league table after each season, after each person has had their turn the save-game will pass to me and I then will pass it on the next person.

The Points System

Domestic League and Cups

Your League Points
25 Points for winning your League
18 Points for 2nd​ Place
15 points for 3rd​ Place
5 points for a Euro place outside of the top 3

15 points for winning the main domestic Cup
10 points for runners up
5 points for a semi-finalist loser

10 Points for winning a League cup
7 points for runner up
3 points for a semi finalist loser

5 points for winning a domestic super cup

25 Bonus points for a unbeaten league run

Continental Cups

50 points for winning the Champions League
35 points for runners up
20 points for semi-finalist loser

35 points for winning the Europa League
20 points for runner up
10 points for semi-finalist loser

10 points for winning Club World Cup
7 points for runners up
3 points for 3rd​ place winner

5 points for winning European Super Cup

25 Bonus Points for Unbeaten Euro Cup Run
50 Bonus points for Unbeaten Domestic League/Cups and Euro Cup run.

Credit goes to saulabbiss and Zizunola for giving me the idea for this challenge.

Any questions ?

To enter post the name of the team you'd like to manage and your chosen name for the manager and then PM me with your Password (do not submit this to the post).

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I'm a bit confused as to how this would work? Is it like a network game?
I'm a bit confused as to how this would work? Is it like a network game?

No it's a pass the save game, At the beginning of the season i.e. 17th July in the first season, 1st July subsequent seasons Player 1 gets 7 game days to set his tactics and set up his transfers, training, staff responsibilities etc it then gets passed on to player 2 to do the same (24th July-31st July)etc the last player then gets the save-game for the first 3 month period (actual period yet to be set) to manage his team in this period then it gets passed on to the next player to take his 3 month period, while a another player has the save-game your manager will be on holiday so how you set up your tactics and staff responsibilities is paramount to your success.
Need at least one more entry to kick-off the first group, remember it doesn't need to be a premiership club, you can choose from any nation in Europe from the top 2 leagues.

Entries so far -

KaiRooney - Tottenham
cribbbinfc - Chelsea
Geezar10 - Arsenal

@cribbinfc & Geezar10 I still need you to send me your chosen password for the game via PM
Updated the OP to hopefully make it clearer on how this challenge works, and going to post this on SI Games forum as well with the idea of having a FM Base Vs SI Games final.:D
We have our first 4 players for a group game.

The players are and will go in this order..

KaiRooney - Manager Name - Santiago Munez - Team - Tottenham

Geezar10 - Manager Name - David Worthington - Team - Arsenal

Vitor Martins - Manager Name - Vítor Martins - Team - Borusssia Dortmund

cribbincfc - Manager Name - Marc Cribbin - Team - Chelsea

Each manager will get 1 day to complete 7 game days to set up their team. Save-games are to be sent back to me no later than 8pm the following day.

With the 7 Day period I will not be doing a update until all players have had their turn.

This is the set-up

View attachment 356666
and I've added a manager called Norman Bates, Unemployed this is so I can subscribe to your teams and once you've added them your managers.

After your turn you don't need to put your manager on holiday it automatically does this with password protection.

Best of luck to all of you. May the best manager win.
I would like to give this a go! Count me in and i will use Southampton :)
I would like to give this a go! Count me in and i will use Southampton :)

Your be in group 2 if another 2/3 entries come forward or back-up for group 1 if anyone drops out of group 1 before the 7 game day period is complete.:)
WHEN Can i star? Another question: How do i post screeenshot on this site ?? would be very useful
WHEN Can i star? Another question: How do i post screeenshot on this site ?? would be very useful

Kai had exams yesterday so could'nt start his 7 day period but has promised to have it done by 8pm tonight (Wed), your third in line so hopefully your get the file Fri or Sat.

To post screen-shots if you look at the top of the reply box, if you click the icon to the right of the one with a red cross it pops up with another box, click from computer then select files, then open then upload.

With the 7 day transfer period don't post any screen-shots, I will reveal who the transfer targets where and who got who before the proper 3 month periods begin.
Unfortunately Kai went over his 7 day period and used 14 days, and if I give everybody 14 days it would take the transfer period past the start of the league campaign, so the best thing to do is to start over, so for those still interested in taking part Like this post by monday 6am and I will send out the file to the first person.

Just to clarify, the 7 day period is to set your transfer targets (you can start bids in this time but if their not finalised make sure you set a staff member to do this for you), Set your Tactics up, hire/fire staff, set your staff responsibilities and set your training schedules up.

One problem I have realised may happen is when you click continue it may run over the 7 day period, the solution to this is right click your name and create a note i.e. "7 days up" and set the reminder for the last day.
I will star but i just can continue wednesday but will have exams this week too!! And where i post my tactic and tranfers in this thread??
I finished my 7 game days !!When can i send you??

Thanks for the enthusiasm Vitor, but unfortunately I don't think anyone one else is interested. I'll keep the thread open till Monday and then close it it if no one else responds. You can PM your save-game if you want but it depends on whether it's set up right and others (if they respond) mind you going out of turn whether its used for the challenge.